Friday, 21 December 2012

Yet More Detox Talk

According to an email I've just got, it's 10 weeks to the Garioch half.
I haven't entered it yet, but I think I will.
I have to be careful what I enter as funds are limited, but that would be a good one to get the year going. I wouldn't expect an amazing time, but anything that's an improvement on my one and only other half time would be good.
2.20 would be fine. There is another local half in November, that will be the one I ace.

There is also a 10k in February too that I want to do (it's only £5 and you get a medal, which is very important).
Some duathlons could also be a go, too, but I'm not sure about the logistics of them. There's a bloke I know who wants to do them, and he said he'd drive us to the ones he's not offshore for and has a bike rack, so I might do them. However, I have no idea where half of them are, and I hate finding places on race day, so won't be doing the ones he can't make, on my own.

The rash is really quite something now. I'm pretty much on fire all the time.

However, I am going to go swimming today. I was at work for a long time yesterday, and the weather was crap so I wanted to just get my PJs on and watch Doctor Who last night, as the wind and rain howled.
And so I did.
Today I will run and swim, so all will be well.

I will also be doing a FULL ON detox for four full days, from the 27th to the 30th.
This has been the only time of the year that I've managed to do this successfully in the past, as no part of me wants to eat Pringles or marzipan logs after a few days of full on Pringles and marzipan logs.  I will plan a detox menu, and make some soup, so it won't be totally raw, but will be very liquid.
Smoothies, juices and soup. Give the ol' digestion a break.

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