Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shiney New Plans

Nice little bike ride today. The wind was a bit harsh, but my knee only had the slightest twinge, just at the end. It was only 20k, but the ground was very soggy and it was like cycling in treacle at times.

I have to go out and embalm early tomorrow, but I think I'll do a gentle 5k run when I get home, and then get my road bike out on Friday.

I feel the need for a proper program after Christmas.
I've learned that I need to shake things up and have 'theme' weeks to stop boredom, but at the same time, just planning from one week to the next is not working either, I need to look more long term. Formulate something concrete. I'll log my activity on my spreadsheet, I just want something pretty to set my goals in.

I really love this giraffe one from Paperchase.

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