Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Crap Reduction

I ate less junk today. I made a kind of porridge for breakfast, which was oats, water, a mashed banana and cinnamon, and some fresh apple and carrot juice. I missed lunch as I was working, and didn't get a chance to stop, then had vegetable stew and finished up the Christmas cake and marzipan fruits. The house is now a sweetie-free zone. All ready for the first proper strict day.

I didn't get any exercise in, except for some serious weight lifting at work. The lady I was working on was huge. At the end when two of us where shifting her I honestly thought I was either going to drop her of give myself a serious injury. My neck kind of pinged at one point. It took all day. And I have a cold. I'm swallowing razorblades at the moment.
Booooo!! Mooooaann!!
On the upside, looking that closely at a body fed an abusive diet did steel my resolve. It wasn't just the size, but the awful, poisoned, fermenting, fungal nature of everything.

I shall have an early night tonight, will drink some fennel and nettle tea before bed, as well as some more lemon and hot water. I have a ton of water lined up for the next few days. I read somewhere that not only does any reduction in toxins count as de-toxing, but drinking extra water does too.

The exercise for the first day will be on the gentle side. I'll go for a speedy walk before work and do some yoga.

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