Monday, 17 December 2012

That's Better!

My run was verging on good!
Firstly, the flood detoured me, and I had to go a way I hate going, as it's gently downhill along the railway line, meaning it's uphill all the way home, but at least it wasn't too slippery or soggy.
I ran for 3.1 miles then turned round, but as I was at 4.8 miles I could see in the distance the path was blocked by sheep being moved, so I decided to just time myself for 5 miles. Stopping my Garmin and waiting would have given me an unfair break, and I'm not sure if it would have worked to my advantage or disadvantage.

So, for the 5 miles I timed myself for, 11 min miles felt way too slow, even on the uphill bit, and so did an average of 10.42. After passing the time of day with the old bloke moving the sheep, I jogged the rest of the way home, as my knee was a bot twingy too. So I did run 10k, just with a little gap.

I put the new strap Martin gave me on my Garmin, it's a quick release velcro one, and also comes with a bike bracket that I have put on my road bike, so it can go from wrist to handlebars quickly and easily. I was going to put it on my mountain bike as I use it for my long work commutes, but the computer on my road bike is a bit temperamental and it will depress me to see how long it takes me cycle home on windy days, but when it comes to my road bike, I'm all about being nifty and shifting.


  1. I have one of those velcro straps on my Garmin 205. It's a lot more comfortable than the original one.
    Good luck with all the training - puts me to shame!

    1. Absolutely, it's very comfy indeed, and easier to wear over long sleeves. And you are an inspiration! You're faster than me!!