Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Turtle Attack!!

Oh, jeepers!

First off, no exercise, driving about the countryside in the snow looking at dead people, didn't get home till late, and so on, blah..


I had been thinking to myself maybe it was best not to see the Turtle. Although having my spark plugs done for cost price was very tempting, I thought it might be a bit weird.
But on the way home tonight I stopped at Tesco, and saw what I thought might be his car in the car park, a distinctive Land Rover.
I entered the supermarket gingerly, and down the first aisle I saw what looked like his younger brother.
Breathe out.
His brother has his car. That's fine.
Then off I go to get rabbit food and washing powder and there he is!!
Over a year since we split up and not seen him once! Anywhere! Ever!
I had been working all day and looked like crap, and it was weird and awkward.
In my weirdness I 'high fived' him, as it seemed like the thing to do. He looked confused as I held my hand up and I had to explain to him what I was doing, then he high-fived me back.
Then I agreed to him doing my spark plugs some time soon, said I'd be in touch, and I will.
The other Lucy is reading this and thinking 'Hmmm...I predicted this.....' and probably glowing with her psychic powers ;)

Then I came home to an awesome present from the lovely Rhonwhen 

The universe is telling me to get out there and have lots of (safe) sex.


  1. *glows* ... well it is very good exercise...

    1. Talking to yourself? Nutter??

    2. There's more than one Lucy. We and Lucy and Lucy! We should form a private detective agency.