Friday, 7 December 2012

Grippy Things!

I started work later yesterday so went for a run with the grippy things as they had arrived, hurrah!

It was only a brief few kms as I was short of time, and I went to the park again as there is less snow there, I think the amount of trees helps. Here where it's more exposed it's welly territory. I didn't cycle as the roads were really icy. However, my car misbehaved and I think the thermostat is stuck open, so I may well have to cycle to work this weekend if it doesn't behave.

This is them-

And this is where I ran. And as tempting as it was to see if the ice would hold my weight, I didn't try.

Going out with the Speedy Pixie tonight. I need to see if I can make him understand how important it is to be quiet in the cinema. I can't go and see the Hobbit with anyone who doesn't have good cinema skills.
This film is too important. If he doesn't grasp this I cannot go with him.

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