Friday, 28 December 2012

I Could Pee For Britain

And at the International Peeing Championships, I would win.
I get up, I pee. I drink lemon and hot water, I pee. Then my one cup of black tea, I pee. Fresh juice - drive to work - run into the toilet - pee.
Herbal tea, pee.
All day, I pee.

So yesterday I thought a ginger bath would help my cold. I grated a giant lump of root, and chucked it in.
To anyone who has ever mistakenly thought sharing a bath with a tiny baby would be 'nice' and 'fun', beware, this may cause flash backs.

I lowered myself in carefully, instantly aware of the tingling, then I paused  as it occurred to me it could burn my fanny. Then I thought there was only one way to find out, and sat down.
It was ok, I survived. I lay there for a bit wondering how it would be, and after about 15 min some serious tingling started. It was nice to lay there and inhale the ginger, and after half an hour I got out. And continued to tingle for quite some time.

My yoga mat arrived, and now is in place as a new hearth rug (it's a good job I don't use the fire anymore, a stray coal would melt it in seconds). I don't care if it's not that pleasing to the eye, I need to use it everyday, so no point putting it away.

My books will arrive tomorrow morning, and I am off to the health food shop to get all kinds of amazing and exciting supplies. For the second night running I had a lot more energy. I took down the decorations, managed to dust and hoover properly, and did half an hour of turbo fire. Usually when I get home from work I do dinner and that's about all. I think it's the lack of sugar that's helping. And all this eating green stuff.

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