Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bugger Off, Wind.

(as in weather, not intestinal)

Cycling home was awful. Cycling to work was pretty awful too, but I'm glad I did it. Nice to get some proper hard exercise in again. The wind was against me on the way in, and had died down by the end of the day to be no help at all. However, the arm warmers Anneke sent me came in most handy. It's really hard to dress for such chilly weather when you know you're going to get hot, but arm warmers are the best! I wore them under my thermal top, and even when my arms felt hot, I had no urge to remove them. It's like having very hot hands. A happy toastie feeling, rather than an urge to dis-robe.

I was going to go swimming this morning but I have to work at my other job, and then later tonight I am going to see Speedy, so some exercise will need to be shoe-horned in to my day. This is a manic week with lots of overtime, so will have to be vigilant in making sure I get the training in.

I should run really tomorrow, but I'm almost scared. It's going to be hard going.

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  1. It's a tough time of year for getting out on the bike, as conditions on even the best days are far from ideal - well done on grinding through a tough day of commuting :-)