Monday, 3 December 2012

Week 9

The weather is really messing things up, and my planned run was cancelled.
The paths were again just a sheet of ice, so I put my wellies on and dragged a reluctant teenager out for a bracing walk.

Went to see Biker/Boxer Boy.
He's nice to be with. He worried about me driving in the snow, and he is a very entertaining friend.
He's an engineer that's done a huge amount of travelling, as well as during university he was a bouncer, so he has lots of stories that involve riots, ladyboys, 'this one time in Texas', etc.
And he loves his dog and is a few years younger than me.
However, I don't know if we are friend-zoned, and so this could well rumble on a bit.....

And I also got a phone call from a different funeral director, he'll pay me almost double but he wants to see my work, so I have to get there this morning and actually do a good job and do everything properly.
It's a little backwater place. I bet they have the sort of equipment you find in a field hospital.

My plan for this week is this-

Monday - Whatever I can fit in, gonna be a manic day.

Tuesday - 15k run

Wednesday - swim + Turbo Fire

Thursday - 30 mile bike

Friday - 10k run + Turbo Fire

Saturday - 10k run

Sunday - 30 mile bike


  1. Hi L, pay you almost double??? Am I hearing this right? Good luck with that!

    :-) Marion

    1. Yep, not far off double per case, so not to be sniffed at! :D