Sunday, 16 December 2012

Naked Running

I went for a little run. I didn't get much sleep and felt sneezy and crap, and decided timing myself would be counter productive, so just went out the door and ran for the sake of it (called Naked Running, apparently), to get things moving again. I also went on my cross trainer for half an hour, and did some weights and stretching.

I ate brown rice and grapes. I took supplements. I went to bed at a decent hour.

It's been a couple of weeks since I last ran properly, and there was a week's gap before that.
Today I will be doing 10k and aiming for 11 min miles. The mp3 player and Garmin are charged and ready to go.
I have a better week work wise, and plan to have repaired the damage done by bad weather than a hectic timetable, by the end of this week, if not, definitely by Christmas.

I also plan to run on Christmas morning. It'll just be just me and the kid at home, so going out will not only do me good, but will also stop me feeling bad if I eat some junk (which I fully intend to do).

Basically more marzipan than you can shake a stick at.
I make these marzipan logs with raisins and cinnamon inside covered in dark chocolate....I'll post pictures when I make them.

Damn, that's a boring post. However, to keep myself remotely on track I like to post everyday so I don't just wander off.....

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