Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fit Moomin Mama

Booooks arrived!! The training and detox ones.

I just wanted to sit and read them, but was forced to take my daughter to Aberdeen to spend her Christmas money. I also wanted to get lots of detox supplies, however, the health food shops had been cleaned out of the staples like milk thistle, and other things I wanted to like echinacea. There literally were gaps all over the shelves.
Lush (one of my favourite shops) was jam packed and all in all it was hard, stressful work.
I kept noticing how many fat people there were everywhere. Especially teenage girls (in skinny jeans) which was disturbing on many levels.

One thing I am very chuffed about is a Moomin hardback A4 notebook I got in Waterstones for £5.99. It's big and chunky and will be a good place to document my '2013 - Year of awesomeness' plans.

We had broccoli and kale soup for dinner, with a base of organic vegetable stock and onions, and I put a potato in it to give it a little more substance.
And I drank more more green juice.
And more herbal tea.
And more watermelon.
And did more peeing.

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