Monday, 10 December 2012


I set my alarm early enough to cycle into work, but there were gale force winds and rain whipping about, so I re-set the alarm and went back to sleep.
When I got home from work I did an hour on my cross trainer and half an hour of yoga. Still very DOMSy. Making 'ooff' and 'aahhh' noises when I get out of chairs.

I also found a cool banister in one of the buildings where I work, a nice stairway where I can hold on either side and lift myself up and let my legs swing, and so do some dips, and if I don't get to cycle in today I may well explode. It's been more than a week since I've been on either of my bikes, and only a couple of runs. It's depressing. Not just physically as I miss the exercise, but I'm scared I'll lose my progress, and start to slip back. My muscles are doing well with Turbo Fire, weights and resistance work, it's the cardio I'm worried about.

On the upside, my weight is going the right way. At least weighing less should make me faster even if I can't get as much training done.


  1. Much awesomeness!! Wise move on not biking it and you made up for the lay in in the end :) Keep it going Lucy.. OR ELSE!! and we need videos of stairway pull-ups :)

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Neil but 'Excuse me, hi, can you just hold my camera for me? I'm going to do pull ups on the banisters. Thanks'

    As much as I would like to ask someone to do that, I think not!!