Sunday, 9 December 2012

Turbo DOMS

The day before yesterday's Turbo Fire has rendered me DOMSville, population, me.

Arms and quads. Ouch.

I didn't cycle to work yesterday as I wasn't in bed until late the night before, and shattered when I woke up. I did a good hour of yoga when I got home, and had a hot bath, as I want to be in cycling form today, and had an early night.

I really can't wait until the ground is normal and I can just run. Normal biking. Normal training.
This was supposed to be my week of running, and I'm really hoping the ground clears up so next week will run-tastic.

If my car holds out will be seeing Speedy early in the week for a meal.
The Turtle messaged to see what my reg number was to get parts for it. But that will have to be delayed as I have lots of other more urgent things to pay for on my car.

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