Tuesday, 25 December 2012

New Stuff!! (again)

I got my Amazon Associates payment, £26 for the year, hurrah!
So, I have ordered two books that I think will help.

The marathon training book I spoke about before, one that uses swimming and cycling as part of the training.

I have also got a 9 Day Liver Detox by Patrick Holford  I intend to spend January detoxing. It can be done as 9 days in a row, or three lots of three days. I'm thinking I'll do it three days a week for all of January, as well as seriously limiting junk the rest of the time.

The following rules will apply not just for January, but for general.

I am going to severely limit/try and exclude altogether -

One cup of normal tea a day. ONE. ONLY ONE. DAMMIT!!

White bread

White pasta

Artificial sweeteners


Sugar is off limits totally for January. I doubt very much if I could give it up forever, but I will need to so something.

The other thing to focus is on things I will add as well as things I will take away.
I have had rumbling little infections in the side of my head for years now. The nodes are always lumpy, and my sinuses and teeth and always a bit crap on my left side. To try and counteract this I shall be taking garlic and echinacea every day, as well as tons of raw fruit and veg. I will juice stuff every day. I will drink things I didn't know it was possible to drink.


  1. WOW.. you're really going for this! I like the idea of a 3 day detox thing.. I will get both those books you mentioned. I will do an update on what I have in mind for my "detox", but not going to be as impressive as yours!! big pat on the back, Lucy!

  2. Cheers Neilio, and OOOHHH I'm excited!! We can repair notes!!!