Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Phone Is Ringing!

My swimming plan for yesterday was to just swim a slow and steady mile. I've been doing a lot of drills recently, and just wanted to swim continuously without stopping at all, and so made sure I crawled along and did a mile in an hour.
I felt nice when I came out, my hips were nice and loose, (in an Elvis type of way) and I felt I could have easily done more.

I also did my Turbo Fire, and hung from my bar.

Not sure if I'll bike to work today, the weather is a bit mental and I don't want to slip off. However, my grippy feet things have arrived, so I'll be running or cycling today no matter what!

I have decided not to see either of the Biker Boys again.
I found myself trying to ignore things and convince myself that they were ok, but you can't force these things. It would be wasting my time and theirs.

A different bloke has asked me to see the Hobbit next weekend, and I don't know him well enough to give him a name so we shall see how that goes, nothing concrete has been arranged, and I'm wondering if I should take my kid instead. I also have mild dating fatigue.
However, he is a sporty running/cyclist type, so we have stuff to talk about, and his best marathon time is 2.52! Bloody hell! I know too many superfast men.
He reminds me of a tall pixie/gnome. I mean that in a good way.
He rings me, on the phone. To speak to me in person.
Clearly he hasn't been warped by life to fear the telephone as much as I do.

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