Saturday, 22 December 2012


So I trotted off to the pool. The wind was howling and it was pouring with rain. It was quite nice to slip into the warmer than usual water. There were only 4 lanes open as there was a school in, so 7 of us jostled for space. After about 10 mins I felt a little light headed, and my goggles kept steaming up. By 20 mins I was breathless and feeling weird. At 30 mins I was sitting in my cubicle, feeling just like I'd just got out the back of a car which had been careering along dark country lanes driven a smoker, and all the windows shut.

After a while I was able to get changed and went shopping. I totally blame the extra warm water.

I then thought I would rehearse one of the de-tox soups. If it was horrible it would really upset me at the end of a day filled with just juices and smoothies, and I'd reach for something bad, possibly.

So this is spinach and watercress. The stock, potato and onion in it made it taste quite normal really, in spite of the colour.
That's steam coming off it, not some kind of dangerous vapour.

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