Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Proper Grown Up Man.

Well Biker Boy number one is is very much Biker Man.
Very grown up. I bet he has a pension plan and votes in a careful, considered fashion.
I arrived 10 mins early and he was already there, and meal was nice and there was never a quiet moment, and he paid while I was in the loo, but not entirely sure if I really like him of if he really likes me.

He put his hand out to shake at the end and then used that to pull me in for a small-ish kiss, but then maybe that means nothing. Maybe he just kisses everyone. Like a person who is secretly French.
However, he gets major points for not laughing at me when I said I love the Golden Girls.

The DOMS from my attempted chin ups was ridiculous yesterday. The first part of the move, the 'dead hang' bit is what I'm mainly working on right now.
There was still a lot of ice and snow, so until my crampons arrive, I was stuck with the cross trainer, on which I managed an hour, grimacing bitterly with each arm movement. Which I love.

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  1. Hi Lucy, the smallish kiss meant something in this context. I think smallish kisses are charming.

    :-) Marion