Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's Dark. And Cold.

I have been writing my detox shopping list. Lots of lemons and green veg to be made into soup.
This morning before work I will be the only person in Tescos buying quinoa and watercress.

The main thing I wish now is that the weather would bugger off. I'm doing overtime, and finding it hard to slot in exercise, and can't cycle to work in this wind. My plan for today is to power walk in the dark before work. It is pretty flooded here, so anything I do will include wellies. And I'm about to leave now. Honest.

The wind was so strong yesterday it ripped the roof off my rabbit hutch and so now she is a refugee living in the cupboard under the stairs (it has a window, she's not Harry Potter), but I have to get my body moving. I truly intend to run all over Christmas. And swim and yoga for the detox days.

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