Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Men Are A Distracting Nonsense

The Speedy Pixie swings between scaring me with his full on intensity and non-stop talking about how great I am, which is then shortly followed by confusing nothingness.
Hot and cold is not the word. Surface of the sun and Arctic Winter would be a better description.
I can't be doing with this. I don't have time.

Not that anything catastrophic has happened, but for self preservation purposes I'm keeping a certain amount of distance and non-commital vibes.
But yes, I'll be running along either wondering if he's alive, or alternatively feeling the need to back away.
And that is distracting.

I was going to swim today but the rash is intense. Not only do I think the chlorine would make it worse, but I fear people would be a little spooked. Actually, once in the water I doubt if anyone would see it, but still....I'd be very self conscious, so I shall go out on my bike again, and get some running done at the end of the week. I think my knee will have stopped twanging by then.

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