Friday, 14 December 2012

Weekend Of Awesomeness

Apparently it's going to be windy and raining this weekend, which is better than the ice that's been covering everything. I left work last night at 9pm and didn't go over 35mph, the wheels slipping more than once on the smaller country roads.

Tonight I am going out with my friends for a Christmas do. We shall go to Wetherspoons and I shall have the sweet potato and chick pea curry with chips, and I shall enjoy it, as to eat unhealthy food and feel guilty about it is pointless. That's like a lose/lose situation

And then the weekend of awesomeness begins.

As it will be windy, I'm not sure how this will effect my cycling, so my main stipulation is that I run on both days, a 5k and 10k, do two days of turbo fire, two days of yoga, and some weights. I will be able to get to the pool on Monday before work, and it won't be full of kids then.

I have bought a load of spinach, fruit, oats and brown rice.

I will then make an effort to be extra healthy all week, as that will be a nice build up to Chrsitmas.

This is going to be fun. I'm going to feel all fit and glowy!

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