Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Need An Ark.

Ice, snow, and floods. One minute I was sliding, the next my feet were buried in snow. At one point I thought I saw where the path went through the trees, but it was actually a ditch covered with ice and snow and I ended up standing in freezing muddy water halfway up my legs.

The worst part was I had to keep detouring, in places the flood was too deep to cross, so I would turn around and try and find another route, so was never able to settle into running, and constantly scared of slipping over.
I have planned 15k, and was going to aim at steady 11 min miles, which I managed, but gave up and went home after 7.6 km (it was the ditch incident that sealed it). At one point I was just going up and down a 200 metre length if path to try and get the distance it, it was like swimming.

However, it was a nice warm up for the week of running. I'm swimming and turbo firing tomorrow, and if I look back a few weeks ago, I'd have been happy to do nearly 5 miles in any weather at all at a steady pace, so not terrible really.

Whilst contemplating looking for the Christmas tree in the lorry container next to my house, I was distracted by a pair of wetsuit gloves, and wondered if they would be any good for cycling? They don't have any padding, but should be warm. In fact warm to the point of sweaty. I shall try them when going to work on Thursday, and I will also have super warm arms as lovely Anneke sent me some arm warmers from Wiggle, which will be perfect as my body is usually warm enough, it's my arms and legs that freeze.
I am proper happy with my set up :)

Although I didn't find the Christmas tree, but nevermind, plenty of time for that.

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