Thursday, 13 December 2012


It snowed on me. Just as I was starting to run, it came down thick and slippery.
So I went home.
I did do some yoga and a session of Turbo Fire, but it's not like running, and I'm beginning to feel bad for not running, and minimal cycling.
And now today is lining up to be a git of a day. Have to get up super early to get the bus to work after dropping the car off at the garage last night, then get back before garage shuts so I can drive over to embalm a body, and will probably not be home until, erm, dunno. Late.
So my only chance for exercise will be dips and pulls on bannisters at work, and making myself pointlessly go up and down some stairs a few times.

However, I am off work this weekend, so will make it weekend of training and detox.
Two days of very healthy food and tons of exercise. Even if the snow is 8 feet thick, I will hike, I will get to the pool, and spend hours on my cross trainer. Focussing on how I'm going to repair everything and get myself moving again makes me feel less guilty or like I've failed (when really it was all the weather's fault...) and that makes me feel less bad. And if I feel good about it all, the exercise is not a chore to get done, but an activity I am choosing to do!

Yeah man, this weekend. I will do three sessions on each day.  I will eat lots of fruit and veg and brown rice. I will drink spinach. And herbal teas.

To keep a decent level of training up over a long time there has to be a contingency plans, and bumps in the road have to be expected. And I will work around them, rather than be derailed by them.


  1. Oh, yes, the woes of winter coming on. I don't know anyone happy about this except my skier friends.

    :-) Marion

  2. Ah, the power of positive thinking!

  3. Thanks peeps :D Indeed, postive mental attitude all the way! (except for when I forget and have to remind myself) :)