Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I was going to go swimming but I felt like crap yesterday morning. My knee was twinging but worse of all, I have developed a weird red rash.

I ITCH!!!! 

I can't think of anything new I've eaten. I'm wondering if it's washing powder related. I am prone to skin issues. But bloody hell! Up in the middle of the night hacking away at myself like there's no tomorrow and drawing blood. I've known my skin flare up when doing a detox before, but this is nothing like that, and I've not been that strict anyway to warrant such a hideous reaction.

Either that or someone has poisoned my clothes, like in Prince Of Persia. That's totally possible.

Today I will go for a ride on my bike before starting work at lunchtime. I was going to run but I think it will aggravate my knee, as would cycling all the way to work, so I'm thinking a fun ride on my bike along the railway will be in order. Nothing too strenuous, 20 flat kilometres.

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