Saturday, 8 December 2012


I was going to run but the most recent lot of snow was melting yesterday, and everywhere was flooded again.

So, I did my Turbo Fire, and went on my cross trainer, and more hanging from my chin up bar.
I then gave my mountain bike a good wash and oil, and got ready to go out with the Speedy Pixie (also less pixie like after talking to for a while).
I thought I'd put some air in my car tyres on the way, and just as I was pulling out the nozzle the whole valve came with it, and I watched my car tyre deflate in seconds.
I tried to change the whole tyre, but the nuts were on so tight even jumping on the wrench did me no good. I didn't have time to wait for the breakdown company, so called my local garage as I was just down the road from them, and they sent a boy out rescue me (astronomical call out fee probably to follow) and with oily hands and wet knees from kneeling in the snow, I was on my way.

Speedy was on time, and we had fun, decent kiss, and I think he understands the importance of being good in the Hobbit, so that should be happening soon.

I need to get back on my bike, this weather is really ruining things. Booo snow and ice, booo!!!

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