Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dental Ambush

So I get up and walk my daughter to school, but it takes forever as there is a thick layer of ice all over everything. I slipped up on gravel, people, GRAVEL.

So I think, 'Nevermind, I'll run this afternoon when it's melted'
Then I toddle off to the dentist for a harmless check up.
'You have a crack in a filling,' he says 'I'll fix that now'

Then so I stumble home, talking like a stroke victim with a big smear of blood on my chin.
And the ice hadn't melted.

But the Turbo Fire discs had arrived, whoo!
So I did the first session, or rather, had an unco-ordinated flail/seizure along to it.

I also ordered these as chances are this ice and snow situation will get worse before it gets better, and I want a solid winter of training with minimal weather disruption.

Next week will be a good week of training, as I am only working 3 days. One thing I will do is put a longer run in there, as I want next week to be running-based. My legs have had plenty of rest recently, so a 4 runs next week, two 5k, one 10, and a 15k will be just fine, along with one long work commute bike and one swim. And lots of TURBO FIRE!
And there will be a weigh in at the end of the week, for added motivation.
My clothes are feeling looser so I have the courage to get on the scales.

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