Sunday, 31 March 2013

3 Weeks To Go

It's three weeks today until my first triathlon.
I  need to do more brick sessions. My training in general needs more structure.
I need to be faster. Thinner. Stronger. EVERYTHING!!
As of next week, I am going to start doing things a bit more seriously.

I will do one good brick a week. This week will be a 12 mile bike with a 5 mile run after, and I will increase the bike by a mile or two a week, and the run by half a mile, three weeks out of four. That will have me up to the half-iron bike and run distance in good time, also allowing for a taper.

I will do one long run a week until the marathon (with a dialled down week inbetween, and a taper towards the end) then after that I will start concentrating on more long bikes.
I will also do a medium size run of 10 miles or so once a week as well, which I hope will get quicker and quicker. With the long run and the brick run, that's three good ones a week.
And my swim needs some structure, too. I will alternate between speed, drills, etc one week (the week I am working more and pushed for time) and then distance the following week.

Today I am just going to go on the cross trainer for 40 mins or so, and do lots of core work and press ups. My knee is a lot better this morning, but the last couple of days were a bit heavy, so need a little recovery.

Tomorrow I have to wait in from 8:00 to 18:00 for the Autoglass man to come and fix my windscreen. I really hope he comes early, or at least in the afternoon, I HAVE TRAINING!!

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