Saturday, 23 March 2013


Oh man. I have so much work to do.

Firstly, this morning I went out to just jog a couple of miles ahead of tomorrow, then realised I was going quite fast, so I decided to keep on until the 5k. I was 27 seconds faster than last month, so happy with that. I was going fast as it was BLOODY FREEZING!

Then I went swimming.
I was a bit nervous, but enjoyed myself after all.
It seems I -
a) Have a terrible (TERRIBLE!!!) pause in my stroke, not even a glide, but before my hand enters the water.
b) Bad elbow
c) Not completing stroke/wrist at wrong angle.

And I am generally so slow, that when he was going to show me what drafting was like, it was practically impossible for him to swim slow enough for me to keep up.

The drills were really useful, especially the windmill thingy with straight arms, as it's one thing for a small (giant) pause when positioning (over-thinking) an arm, the movement masked it for me, but with a straight arm, I was very aware my arm was stuck up in the air, waving like a flag-less flagpole.

I have so much to work on, but at least I know what it is I'm supposed to be working on. I have made notes in my diary, and will work on this. I'm hoping in 12-14 weeks or so, Kevin will watch me again and fingers crossed, will tell me that I've improved. That would give me 8-10 weeks before Aberfeldy, so still time to work on any problems that still exist.

On the way to get some food afterwards I was passed and Aldi and went in to look as they have the cycling stuff in at the moment, and was very restrained and bought nothing. What I need is tri-bars, and so that is what I will buy next. I have jackets. STEP AWAY FROM THE JACKETS! I told myself, and I did.

My varying the calories thing is working well. I lost two pounds this week, so my goal of being 20lbs lighter for the Edinburgh marathon is on track. Hurrah!


  1. Will see you in 4 at Turriff. Your heat will be before mine. And my swim coach is normally at Turriff as well so she might have some new tips if you have tidied up those ones.

    1. I'll probably still be awful in 4 weeks, and now I'm even more scared, as I didn't realise other heats of swimmers would be watching, eeep!!