Thursday, 28 March 2013

Stupid Hoover

Kind of a rest day, today. Had to go into work early, so it seemed the best day to take it easier.

I will still be doing my press-ups. It's got to 3 x 14 now, which I do not find fun to do in a row. I'm having to break them up a bit. I have arm and boob DOMS. I will also be foam rollering like a mofo.

Other things that had happened today-

* My boss has yet to confirm I can have the day off for the standard triathlon I want to do, which makes me antsy. I really want to get it booked.

* It seems it will take more then duck tape to hold my hoover filter in. I will have to buy another one. Which annoys me as I don't want to spend money on a hoover!

* My knee is sore and I have my long slow run tomorrow. I do hope it behaves.

* After insisting on the phone to the Autoglass man that my cracked windscreen is clear glass, I agreed to go and check it with a piece of white paper, and what do you know, it's either a slight green or grey tint (or very dirty), so had to ring him back. Like an eejit.

* I hate my tri shorts. They are too short. I want longer ones. If it weren't for the damn hoover, I could probably get some. Boo!

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