Saturday, 30 March 2013

New Shoooooze!! (again, dammit)

I am learning things about weighing myself.
If I weigh myself after a long run, I am, unsurprisingly, lighter (dehydrated).
If I weigh myself the next day, I am heavier (probably water retaining, swollen muscles, again, dehydrated)
If I weigh myself after an easy day of exercise or rest, I see a loss, so tomorrow I'll just have a quick jog after work (not before, some crap about the clocks changing will already be making me get up an hour earlier than I'd like for work) and weigh in on Monday morning.

I biked to work today, and man, how hard are mountain bikes??
I had forgotten, it was like pedalling a breeze block.

There was a fresh layer of snow, and in some of the rougher tracks where the deep puddles were icy, I had to walk a bit after a frightening but spectacular slide, which made things even slower.
On the way there (which was mostly downhill) my cadence was insane, as I couldn't get into the big ring. On the way home (uphill) I finally managed to get it in there, which was crap. I did change down again on a huge hill, and managed to get it back in the big ring just before home. I think I need to keep it moving, stick a load more oil in. The problem is, when I have it in a big gear, I'm scared to take it out again.

Cycling home was also stupidly hard as I bought some things in the supermarket while at work, and managed to jam most of it into my backpack, and in all it's pockets, till it was bursting. My back hurt like hell when I got in. Moan, moan, whinge, etc.

And finally, my trainers have been giving me jip. I've been pretending to myself it's OK as I am a bit skint right now, but the top seam hurts and makes me run funny. I just about have enough time to wear in a new pair before the marathon, so went for some Nikes, as I've them before and they were ok, and I don't have the time or the money to gamble.

Anyway, they are poiple!!!!!


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    1. They will indeed, I'm all about the purple! :D