Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I'm going to drink hemp!

I have ordered this, as I'm struggling to get enough protein, and I thought I'd try something new after the previous soya and rice ones I've had.

I have found I can mask the disgustingness of all protein powders with a teaspoon of cocoa and banana, so hopefully that will apply to this, as well.

I have also been buying omega-rich stuff, as I definitely have Reynaud's now. I don't get it on every finger, it's mainly my left middle finger that turns deathly white and hurts like hell, but it's getting worse, and apparently an omega deficiency can be to blame. It could also be because I have had carpal tunnel in the past. Or,  I have lupus or some other nasty auto-immune disease, but it's more likely that I don't.

Anyhoo, I have recently been putting my body through more than it's ever been used to, and so no wonder it's using nutrients by the bucket-load, and handlebars are not comfy, and the weather has been dismal, so it all makes sense.

I was about to go for a 20 mile bike before work, but it started to snow again, so I did 45 mins on my cross trainer, and will of an hour of weights, rollering and core work tonight.

Unless there's an apocalypse tomorrow,  I will bike (or run if snowy) and then swim.

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