Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Craft Fail.

I am getting my head into Edinburgh mode.
The thought of running for something like five and a half hours is just too hideous, I really want to get it done in 4 and half or so.
I have a number belt as I will want to carry gels, I hate safety pins, and I don't want to carry a drink or waist pack as it will annoy me. At Garioch I will as they just give water in silly little paper cups, but at Edinburgh there will be proper bottles I can run along with and discard when I want.
My number belt is green (for GO, obviously) and will be handy for triathlons.

Earlier this week I wasted half a day trying to make a pin-board to store my medals on in the shape of mountains, with plastic trees and a little bike lady going down one of the peaks.
It was a terrible failure, so instead I have just stuck some pins in the frame of a mini-whiteboard, and put my next races and goals for the year on it. It's in my bedroom. I see it the minute I wake up.
Anyway that I can combine training with stationery is always going to make me happy.

I am feeling quite a lot of marathon fear. The next ten weeks will be all about preparation.
Training, eating and making sure when the big day arrives at no point do I think kick myself for not trying hard enough. I will know I am as prepared as I possibly could be.

So today I woke up to a fresh snow dump. The road was quite clear, though, so I decided to bike.
 The weather got worse, and more snow fell while I was out, the spray from passing vehicles was blinding, I was gritted twice (OWWW!) and came home soaked and frozen, and only did 15.5 miles in 1 hour 8 mins. There were certain stretches of road that were just white, packed snow. Just moving my hand position on the bars made me wobble, it was like cycling on air.
I didn't swim, but did an hour of yoga and weights instead, as I have to go to town tomorrow anyway, so to save petrol will swim then.


  1. You should complain about the gritters. They are meant to switch off as they pass cyclists.

    Also stop moaning about your bike speed! 15mph is a decent speed especially on anything other than clean, dry roads.

    1. It was less than 15mph, don't forget the 8 mins ;) But yeah, I was just gently coasting on the snowiest bits as I got all scared, so I didn't mind too much.

      The first gritter I forgave as we met on a blind bend and I don't think he had time to react, the second one saw me coming, the git!