Monday, 4 March 2013

Heavy, Heavy Legs.

I got a new hat today. I ordered it off ebay. It was cheap but surprisingly well made. It's a more military style of peaked cap, as opposed to the more trucker types ones I have. I do zero trucking or soldiering, but it's nice to know if either come up, I have the hat for the occasion.

Soooo. My legs were a bot sore and stiff when I got up, so I went out and ran (jogged) 15 miles on them. It's the only day I have free for a long run, so no choice in the matter.
I knew it wouldn't be fast, so made a deal with myself that it anything less than 12 min miles would be forgivable. I picked this number as I realised this time last year I did a 10k race at that speed (although the year before pre-injury I did one at 9.30 min miles), and although it's only been a few months that I've been properly improving (since the arrival of the Garmin), if I could run two and a half times that distance at that speed, it would be good. However, I was faster than that, at 11:18 min miles. It was also the first time I used a gel when running. I found it easier than Shot Bloks, although I like them for the bike, and when I have a little bag on my top tube, I'll put some in foil so I can get them out easier. But gel does seem to be the way forward on the run, it was quicker to consume, and I timed it to co-incide with a wheelie bin that I know is always out.

I then went swimming, as I wanted to time my 750 metres, and it also reduces the achey-ness after a long run. I hobble in there and come out walking almost normally. I had a smoothie before leaving, although I forgot to take a drink, and thought I'd just get one from the vending machine at the pool, but it was out of order, so I went in hungry and thirsty.
The slowest time found for the Turriff triathlon swim was 25 mins, so I thought if I could beat that in my shattered, sore, and dehydrated condition, there could be some hope. And I did. 24:30. On a better day I'm sure I could knock at least a few minutes off that.

I then did some drills, mainly breathing every 5 and 7 strokes, but also following a tip about swimming faster that I got off Youtube from Dave Scott. It sounds very simple, but he said to say the word 'quick' to yourself as you are pulling the water. I did this, and it's surprisingly exhausting. It really did make my stroke turnover faster, and after 100m of breathing every 5 and saying 'quick-quick-quick-quick' I was shattered (even more so).

And finally, I had a mini-argument with the Turtle. He's been quite persistent recently, I think he's taken my lack of interest to mean playing hard to get. He made a comment about my Facebook profile picture, asking what it was (it's Loki).
'What's Loki?' he said.
'Thor's adopted brother.' I told him, and he started up about rubbish all superhero comics and films are.
He MUST have known that would annoy me. I ignored him. He then tried texting me. His number's not in my phone, but I know it was him, so I ignored that too.
Honestly, 'What's Loki?'...

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