Thursday, 14 March 2013

Slow Fast Slow Fast, etc.

 I did some fasty-slowy running.

It was the first time I've tried it properly with a Garmin. I didn't do it for specific amounts of time or distance, but more like a fartlek session, just pressing lap before and at the end of each spurt (or accidentally pausing the time if I hit the wrong button). I wasn't running as fast as I possibly could, but it as a considerable effort, so nice to see on the link above that I was in the 7s.

I then went swimming and did 78 slow lengths, as that brings me up to 2 miles for the week. The positive I am taking from that is I wasn't as red-faced and exhausted as I am when I get out of the pool, and my arms feel stronger.

Tomorrow I'd like to bike, and maybe a small run after work on Saturday, as I have a 10k race on Sunday. 

In more exciting news, I have made a Goodness Direct order, which is not something I do a lot as I can't get over the minimum £35 to get free delivery. However, I have ordered lots of protein bars this time, so managed it. The thing I am most excited about is amaranth, which is a grain that is not only higher in protein than oats, but contains lysine, iron and magnesium. I hear it can be a bit slimy, so may end up mixing it with oats. In general my eating has improved, and from now I shall be reducing sugar further, keeping it for training purposes, like gels and bars, but when at home I shall restrict refined sugars.

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