Monday, 18 March 2013

Press Up Challenge

Today was my very lo-cal day. And also a rest day.

I did some roller and stretching first thing, and I'm also starting another press-up and sit-up challenge (3x1 press-ups and 3x1 sit ups on day one, 3x2 of each on day two, until you reach 3x100) which I did as I'm only on 3x4, so not a big deal. Last time I did this I got up to 3x40-odd. Am determined to make it all the way till the hundred this time. My press-ups are pretty dire, I'm hoping as time goes on I'll get lower.

Food wise, I have had porridge, a protein bar, soup and oatcakes, and a ton of watermelon.
It's my fave fruit.
Last summer I went to stay with my brother in Provence, and on the last night, his in-laws had everyone over for dinner. Bless them, they did try hard. I arrived to a massive spread of veggies and salad in various concoctions, although most were drowned in various oils and vinegars, but they had gone so out of their way for me I ate a whole plate of food that I hated. And a ton of bread. They may have lived in France for years, but my brother's in-laws are Sicilians, feeding is how you show love, I couldn't offend them.
After dinner they brought out a huge cheeseboard, which everyone fell on except me.
There were many bottles of wine, but I don't drink.
'Non, merci' I said, continuously.

I could tell they were sad I wasn't eating and drinking more, but then my brother's brother in law went to his car and came back with armfuls of watermelons, grown locally and sold in lay-bys.
'Pastèque?' he asked.
'Oui, merci!' and he was so happy and I ploughed into them. 
He kept bringing me slices the size of my head. I was so happy.


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