Thursday, 21 March 2013

Things That I Am Going To Do

1) Save up for a turbo.

It's not so important this year, but the prospect of no all-weather bike training facility when there's a full-iron on the calendar isn't going to happen. I am still saving for a wetsuit right now, and that has to come first, but after that, turbo trainer ahoy.

2) Turn my mountain bike into a commuter.

I only ever use it on mild trails, anyway, so I'm going to put smoother tyres on, and a pannier rack, and get the gears sorted, which will make biking to work far less horrible

3) Vary my calories.

I will have 2 days a week which a very low in calories, three which are medium, and two where I don't worry, I just eat whatever I feel like.

The medium days will be all healthy food, but still enough of a deficit to lose weight, the 'whatever' days will not be excessive, but not restrictive, either.

4) Do a monster amount of core and strength work.

By that, I mean at least 30 mins a day, 6 days a week. Since upping my protein I can see and feel a real change in my muscle mass, and that needs to continue. And so yoga and press up and Pilates ALL THE WAY!

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