Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hat And Fire Panic.

I got very little sleep last night, I woke up in the night as I could smell smoke, but it was just that the wind had changed direction and the smoke from the biofuel burner was coming in the house. In the haze (after the initial panic that the house wasn't on fire) I closed the only open window and lay there fretting about this could be my life from now on, when the wind blows this way. 
My day started with a swim (30 seconds faster over 750m, I need to cut that off every week, at least) and the fat and the saggy elderly swimmers annoyed me. Although, I did drop my hat in the changing room at one point, and was very upset when I couldn't find it, but luckily old people are a) generally honest and b) don't know a funky hat when they see one, so it was handed into reception. 
I have paid the money for the Turriff triathlon in April. It's only just over 6 weeks away. In that time I need work on my swimming. And my running. And my biking. Hell, all of it. And lose a stone.
Tomorrow I will rest, except for some rollering and core work.
My glutes ache. I feel like someone has run up behind me and punched me sharply on each butt cheek.
This arrived today from Wiggle. Just over £3 with free delivery. I need to get on top of this nutrition thing. I'm fuzzy at the best of times. I could see me wandering off during the middle of a marathon and forgetting my own name if I allow myself to become too depleted.

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  1. The High 5 bottle pack is a very good deal (the bottle alone is worth the £3-odd) - just a pity that the High 5 gels don't seem to agree with me...

    It's worth experimenting with the various nutrition options during your long runs to see what works for you - might mean that you have one or two bad/tough long runs when you try something that doesn't work, but it's a lot better for that to happen in training than on race day!