Friday, 15 March 2013

I Hate Hills

Today on the bike I hit some hills. Mainly, my most hated hill, which on my mountain bike (which won't go into the small ring) I have to get off and walk. On my road bike there was no walking, but it was slow. The whole 23 miles averaged out at 13 mph. I was frozen when I got home. I hate hills.

My top tube bag arrived. At first I wondered why there was an extra length of velcro in there, but it became apparent when it didn't fit, the tubes are too wide. But with the extra bit I was able to secure it. I bought some glucose tablets in the supermarket, which I intend to use on my next long ride, the open design of the bag/box makes it easy to get things out.

Tomorrow after work I'll go for a little run, just to get things moving before the 10k on Sunday. I have a feeling it's going to be cold and wet.

My hemp powder arrived today. I checked the ingredients and it also has beetroot, spirulina, chlorella, and dandelion powder in it. Therefore, it tastes similar to what I imagine licking the floor of a health food shop would. I then made it even worse by blending it with my spinach smoothie, but at least it does blend well, no evil lumps. Overall my diet has been very good for the past couple of days, not a bourbon in sight.
I'm waking up early feeling rather more alive than I have recently.

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