Saturday, 2 March 2013

I Want To Be Immunity-Girl!

I want superhero strength immunity.
I've been thinking about infections.
Especially ones that cause myocarditis.
It's all well being fit and healthy and having low cholesterol, etc, only for some little virus creep in and mess everything up. I want my heart, and everything else, to be free of bugs.

I generally don't get much in the way of colds, and cannot remember the last time I had the flu or a virus, but I've had a sinus infection forever. It's tiny, and flares up and goes away, and I think fungal, and due to the dampness of my bedroom, and so I have bleached it and dried it out as much as possible (the room, not my sinus)

So, I am starting a program of immunity boosting.
I think it's already pretty tough as I spend my days surrounded by germs, and for work I have been vaccinated against loads of stuff like hepatitis in case I feel the urge to stick a needle in myself. I spend a lot of time in the fresh air, but don't eat as well as I could, and making certain herbs a more permanent fixture in my life can't hurt.
Garlic is going to become not just something I take when I remember, but I will use it for steaming for my sinuses, and take capsules daily. And incorporate more ginger, echinacea and zinc in my life.

The other thing is I'm feeling a boost of something I wrote about a few weeks ago.
I'm sick of scraping by. I can't see myself ever winning anything, but this fear I get when I have to race is crap. I want to be comfortably in the middle of the field. This stuff would be far more fun that way.
I have 7 weeks before the Turriff triathlon, and although there is a half marathon and few other things between now and then, that is the one I am determined to not totally suck at.

Now I'm going to pack my box for the race tomorrow, and will definitely take my camera :) 

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