Monday, 25 March 2013

Pukey Swim

I woke up with aching arms and upper body.
It must have been from holding my upper body too tight in the cold. Also feeling quite woozy and ill, and so I ate quite a large early lunch (for some stupid reason) and went swimming (the reason for that, being fear).

It is now officially less than 4 weeks until Turriff. I am actually more scared about that than the marathon.
If I fall apart during that, the worst that happens is I walk and get a slow time.
If I mess up during the tri, I could drown, or fall off my bike. Both of which would be embarrassing. And my bike might get damaged.

Anyway, felt weird and crappy at swimming, but really did work hard on not pausing. I pretended my arms were gannets, diving into the water. It made me feel like my arms were turning over quicker, and must have been working harder as I had to stop a the end a couple of times, mainly as my lunch was threatening to come up again. And there was this old man doing some diagonal back stroke crap. He was there on Saturday, too.
He's always there.
One of these 'I'm old,  you move' types. I should have set my gannets on him!

Sundays will be my one day off a week from the press up challenge, so today I am resuming, 3 x 11.
And I'm doing a lot more swiss ball core work, too. I want a solid core. People could be punching me all day an I wouldn't feel a thing. Yeah.

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