Friday, 8 March 2013


And it's a real weekend, too. Not one of those crappy pretend ones where I still have to work.

My plan is to do a ten mile run tomorrow, and a long bike on Sunday.
Snow is threatened, but I can't see it coming to much. And I refuse to let it, as I want to do 40 miles on my bike. So it had better not be windy, either.

This morning I just ran 3 miles before work, to get my legs going again, at just under ten min miles. I was quite pleased with myself as often my early runs get abandonded as I press snooze too many times, but this triathlon in 6 weeks has made me scared.
I feel the fear. It's like an icy clawed hand grasping at my intestines.

It's also Mother's Day so I'll have to squeeze in a trip up there to see my mum.
And a friend has been asking when I'll go round.
Don't these people realise I have training to do???

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