Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Getting Stuff Done!

Today has been very productive. The house has been cleaned. Both bikes cleaned and oiled (and one repair attempted), and the car cleaned, and hoovered out (and then I broke the hoover, and then duck-taped it), as the car will need to go to the garage next week, and there's nothing like the threat of a grubby man who couldn't care less sitting in my car to make me want to clean it. I'm back at work tomorrow, which always motivates me to get stuff done.

I also did a gentle brick session, which I actually enjoyed. Between snow showers (and once the sun even came out briefly) I cycled 10 miles, mainly focusing on changing gear, at a steady 14 mph, with lots of climbing. I get lazy. If I in a low gear going up a hill, and there's another hill coming, I tend to stay in the low gear and just coast down the other side, but today I was all about changing-changing-changing all the time.
I then reasonably quickly changed my shoes and ran 2.5 miles. I had woken up with a twingy knee and hip, but nothing hurt whilst running, and the usual jelly legs didn't last long. 9:30 min mile average was easy to maintain, even post bike.

The weight thing is a top priority.
One of the reasons the Moray Half was more hideous than the Garioch is that I was about 7 lbs heavier then, and this time last year I was a stone heavier. I put on just over two stone with injury (and mucho eating) and now I really want to be 20lbs lighter for Edinburgh. The thought of running with a 2lb weight in my hand seems horrible, let alone ten times that distributed about my person. And I have to order a wetsuit soon, and that's a purchase I'm only making once, so it's going to have to be small.

So Pam said there this thing they do in 'Biggest Loser' where they write the amount of pounds they want to lose on their hand. She wants to lose 3 this week, so wrote a 3 (which looked like a bum, so then ended up with a gust of wind coming out of it.)

So I have drawn a '2' on my hand. In CD writer pen, which is reasonably permanent, giving it the air of a prison tattoo.

Every time I reach for something, the '2' is going to shout 'CAREFUL!! Keep your EYE ON THE PRIZE!!'

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