Sunday, 10 March 2013


Alarm went on off at 5.50am.
I didn't care it was Sunday, I sprung out of bed, now quite excited about my long bike, and just how quiet the roads would be.
Then I saw it had snowed in the night. Just lightly.

I went down to the road and stomped about a bit. It wasn't deep. And the main road was bound to be better, so I decided to bike, anyway.

As I was eating my porridge a full-on blizzard started, so I drove to work. As I was up so early I had time to do all the school ironing before leaving. Oh, what a fun Mothering Sunday.

In the end I was glad I drove, the snow didn't let up, and on the way home there were a few times, especially going up and down hills, that the car misbehaved slightly on the untreated roads, so it took forever to get home.

Then I had various visiting to do, and so have decided to make today the rest day for the week. Tomorrow (unless there is an earthquake or something) I plan to do 16 mile run followed by a swim. I want the long run out of the way early as I have a little local 10k race next weekend. But they give out a medal so I'm totally doing it.

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