Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stupid Bloody Weather

I woke up at 5am, it was strangely light outside. That was the snow.
It continued to snow all day.

Looking at the forecast, it says it's going to hang about a while.
The Garioch Half Marathon Facebook page says they will keep us updated regarding the race. I presume that means if it's too bad, they'll cancel it. If they then re-arrange it for when I'm working, I'll cry.

I went out in a full-on blizzard and did 9 miles, in 10:44 min miles. About 50% of that was on snowy roads, the other 50% on bigger, gritted roads. I changed my route due to the fact I got halfway up a huge hill and so much snow was going in my mouth, I had pins and needles in my lips and tongue, and couldn't see where I was going. A man in van pulled over to make sure I was alright, and had a phone on me.

One good thing, it was a very hard going 9 miles, but my legs feel fine. Not that long ago, 9 miles would have had me slightly hobbling all day. I came home and stretched, and then a couple of hours later, put my daughter's wellies in a bag and walked to meet her from school, save her soaking her trainers, and again, legs felt fine. I can't wait for the day I can do proper long runs and not be crippled by them.

Tomorrow I will go for a small run in the morning, and then off to the pool, as back at work on Thursday. I have also put some amaranth in to soak to reduce the cooking time in the morning. I think I'll mix it with oats for the porridge. It looks too much like millet for me to be happy about just tucking into a whole bowl of it, at this stage.


  1. 'A proper long run'... 9 miles is most definitely a proper long run!

    1. You're right it is, I just want to be able to do a 15 miler without feeling like a need a wheelchair the next day ;)