Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Detoxing Like A Mofo

I have got all kinds of dizziness and other assorted de-tox symptoms going on.
I felt quite horrendous when I got up this morning.
I made a smoothie with almond and rice milk, some almond butter and a banana to get me through swimming. After swimming I had half of a very disgusting protein bar (peanut, dry, awful) and two cups of tea to feel slightly human. I'm also drinking loads, and hitting all the usual de-tox helping foods.

It looks like Sunday will go ahead. The website says the council are going to make sure the route is clear and gritted, and usually the main roads are fine, although it does kind of mean the post-run picnic will be in a car with a flask of hot chocolate, as opposed to soaking up sun on top of a hill :(

The day before my swimming is going to be assessed.
I'm rather concerned I'll get in the water, swim a length, and he'll say
'Oh I'm sorry, have you started? You mean that was your swimming? I was about to get a lifeguard as you looked like you were in trouble.'

I went swimming today and tried to really think about where I'm putting my body. The answer to that seems to be, all over the place.

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