Thursday, 7 March 2013

Kale Smoothie

My legs felt quite good this morning, and I slept well. I think from now on I will have one rest day a week, and one 'easy' day which will just be an hour of swimming. Swimming really doesn't wear me out that much, and doesn't make me ache, so it's almost like having two rest days.

It also highlights to me how much all of this is changing my perceptions about exercise.
To class an hour of swimming as an 'easy' day is not something I'd have done until now.

So, Kale.
Never really had much kale, but been reading about green smoothies, and it's advised to start with spinach (a gateway leaf), as it blends well, and has a mild taste.
I have been doing that, and now I'm stepping up to kale (the hard stuff), which has more flavour and fibre and can be harder to mask the taste. I made this smoothie with 2/3 kale ad 1/3 spinach.
It was slightly chewy.
However, I'm beginning to get a kick out of seeing just how many green leaves I can consume.
This was nearly a whole blender full in one shot.

And looks radioactive.

I had it when I got home from work, whilst making dinner, in a bid to stop me eating junk whilst cooking.

Lucy has been telling me you can eat Sticky Willies (Galium saxatile) raw, and go well in a smoothie. I will soon have loads in my garden so will be doing that not just for health benefits, but also comedy.

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