Saturday, 9 March 2013

Damn And Crap.

I had high hopes for today.
I was going to run 10 miles and get lots of housework and foam rollering done.

Early on a phone call about lost work keys (including a master key that would have given access to lots of people's homes) had me in a panic as I was the last person have them, but luckily it was someone else who had been in and taken them when she bloody shouldn't have. I will have to poke her in the eyes next time I see her. It's a woman I already don't like much.

I then went shopping, did a mountain of recycling, cleaned out the rabbit and set off for my run just before lunch time (feeling rather hungry already).
I had decided to try out one the sachets of High 5 energy drink. It tasted ok-ish to start with, then it began to taste awful as I drank it properly, so I then stopped drinking and felt even worse. I can't do 10 miles without a drink, so after 5 miles at what I hoped would be my 10 mile pace (I was aiming for 10.20, did 10.17) I went home. I tried to man up and just drink it, but it actually make me feel a bit queasy. At least I know for next time.

The rest of my Saturday will be spent watching all 3 Lord Of The Rings films, while foam rollering and massaging my sore calf. There's a knot in it, probably due to my leg imbalance.

I had hoped to have the day off tomorrow, but I now have to work.
If I get up to anything other than a blizzard, I will cycle there. As it's my embalming job, I don't have to look smart, I just wear scrubs, and so very little to take in my backpack. It's about 24 miles away, though, and so nearly 50 by the time I get home, but there will be a 2 hour gap in the middle to recover, while at work.
Probably about 2500ft of elevation overall. That's more than I'd like in a work commute.


  1. Better to find out that an energy drink (or gel, or whatever) doesn't agree with you now than if you were to try it for the first time in a race...

    1. Absolutely, can't believe how weird I found it drinking something other than water!