Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Legs Ache Like A Bastard.

Today is kind of my Sunday (as in a stream of shifts starts tomorrow).

And I ache.

And there are plumbers coming in and out of my house.

And I woke up at 5am just because I was so hungry (but too tired to get up and eat)

After (first) breakfast I got my bike out and put it in front of the kitchen window. That meant to be lazy and not do anything would have meant putting the bike away again, and it was enough to just make me go (after second breakfast).

So, a kind of recovery ride, slow (but hilly) of 23 miles. I only averaged just below 14 mph, but the one little victory is there is one horrible hill that I'm always in my lowest, most pathetic gear, and today I was in the second most pathetic gear.

I then managed to have a quick and chilly bath in an empty house as it was lunchtime and the plumbers had  buggered off. But everytime there was an engine outside I panicked a bit and wished my bathroom door locked. And the rest of day will be spent watching DVDs and eating.

So last night I was looking at accommodation for Aberfeldy. I had emailed a few of B&Bs, and they were full, so I looked on some big booking websites and was horrified to find that a holiday village with about 35 places to stay had so few (affordable) rooms left.
I bet it's weddings.
Anyway, got a room in a hotel that the reviews describe as 'shabby decor', 'value range food'  and 'Fawlty Towers'. It's not like I'll be there long. It's near the briefing venue and only a few miles from the start of the race, and racking of bikes begins at 7am, so it could be the crappest breakfast on earth but I'll just be eating a banana while faffing with my bike, anyway.

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