Friday, 1 March 2013

I Feel Like I live With A Psychopath

I nipped out for a few minutes earlier and came back to this scene of carnage on the kitchen floor.
Just one in a long line of death and misery, and things I have to pick up by tails or wings, at the paws of my cat.

There was also much wailing in the night, as she was fighting with a feral cat. So at 1am I was running about on gravel with bare feet, swearing.

I was then awoken again at 3am by a strange pain in my calf.
I think my recent activity is catching up with me a little, so today I just did a 5 mile steady run, aiming for 10 min miles, but did 9.53. I am going to roller them to pieces tonight, and take things easy tomorrow.

Looking back at my spreadsheet, things are motoring along nicely, and I've generally taken more than 30 seconds a mile off  my shorter distances, and nearly a minute a mile off the longer ones, in two months.

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