Friday, 22 March 2013

Can't Keep A Hat On

It is so cold.
I went for a 2.5 mile run very early in the morning, and the wind blew my cap off just feet from the front door, so had to do it up ludicrously tight.

The race on Sunday is still definitely going ahead, according to the organisers.
I'm feeling guilty about my poor supporters. I really hope it's not as windy as it is today. They will need arctic gear!

I am still keeping up with the press-ups, tonight I am up to 3 x 9 of press ups, sit ups and  single calf raises. Tomorrow is swimming embarrassment, and I will run a few miles first, but just a few.

I fully expect to be in bed, under the covers, with two (count 'em, two! Luxury!) hot water bottles,  and watching old episodes of QI on Youtube by 8pm.
It's a nice little rut I'm getting myself into, at least until spring actually bloody happens.

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