Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I'm rather happy with my progress today.
I have to do a 5k and 10k each month to see how I'm improving, and the March 5k was about 30 seconds faster, but the 10k done early this morning, was 1:28 faster. I do the same flat-ish course each month, so I can see an accurate progression. Here's the Garmin link for it.

What makes me happy is there is no more than 15 secs difference with each mile, and in the final 0.2 I had the energy to speed up to nearly a minute a mile faster.
And what really makes me happy is my fastest 10k race EVER was only 20 seconds faster than that, two years ago this May, and I was well over a stone lighter back then. I really feel like if I keep shrinking and training I could be a proper runner, like all those other proper runner people, who run at speeds beginning with 8, and even 7.

Then I went swimming. It was a bit busy, and I only went with the intention of working on my stroke, so did 50 lengths of what I hope was improved swimming, and then got changed really quickly as although I started work later today, I was still pushing it time-wise.

Then I saw my boss, and begged her for the 4th of August off (my annual leave for the year has been booked, so this will require jiggling things), as there is a standard tri at Knockburn with an open water swim that I REALLY NEED TO DO!!!
She's going to let me know.
I need to buy a wetsuit.
I have ordered tri bars.
It's all very exciting.

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